WELCOME TO 3/4 RS (G) 2016

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our Blog – Robyn’s Rebels – for 2016.

Please add to our Blog whenever you wish.

Upcoming events/activities for Term 2 are:

Curriculum Day – June 10

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday – June 13

STOMP – date soon

Blind Creek Activity Day -June 16

Aladdin – June 17

Parent/Teacher interviews – June 22

End of Term 2 – June 24 (early finish)


20 thoughts on “WELCOME TO 3/4 RS (G) 2016

    • Hi Chelsea,
      A BIG thank you. You are the first to post on our new 2016 BLOG page. Spread the word – We’d love to hear from all our bloggers! Mrs Smith

    • Hi Ayla, thanks for the post. Yes, Cross Country was a great event. Good luck with your result tomorrow.
      Mrs Smith πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tamika, Nice of you to visit our Blog. Thank you for your comment. We will try to visit your Blog soon.
      Mrs Smith

    • Lilly, Welcome to our BLOG. Glad you liked creating the seasons tree. We will finish them in the morning and then take some photos to put on the BLOG. We can then display them on the back wall. See you tomorrow. Mrs Smith

  1. Hi everyone I can’t wait to bring my catapult back on Wednesday and everyone did a good job making their STEAM project too.


    • Hi Ashley — should you be in bed? Or are you reading?? If you are reading, that’s okay πŸ™‚
      Yes, thank Mum in advance for carrying the catapult over the creek, through the scrub and up that hill. She is a treasure!
      See you tomorrow. Mrs Smith

  2. Gosh… we haven’t been on the blog for a while!
    I have enjoyed the WHOLE year with 3/4 RS, it’s only the day after we finished and I miss everyone already. Especially you, Mrs. Smith!
    Thanks for being my teacher for 2016 and putting me in an awesome class for 2016!

    • Hi Anna,
      Glad to see you’ve been on the BLOG. I was having a look at it yesterday, thinking I must update a few things! Will do after Christmas. Thank YOU for being such a wonderful student – it was truly a pleasure to work with you. Enjoy Christmas with your lovely family, hello to Bianca :). See you next year when you come in for a visit.

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