I’ll wait here until you’ve done that …….

Right, you’re back …..

What is the most important thing in Literacy?  READING FOR MEANING!  What is that?  It’s reading the story, not just the words (my favourite saying)!  The books you take home every night should be easy (the words should be easy to read), what we are wanting is to see if you can comprehend the meaning (the story / the facts etc.). The questions your parents ask you are going to confirm if you are just reading the words or you are actually reading the story. Some of the answers are right there – you can point to them.  Other answers are hiding within the text, the author has hinted, but not actually given you the answers. If you’ve read the ‘story’ you should be able to work out the hidden answers – if you can’t, re-read the text and have another go.  Good luck.

What are questions called where you can see and point to the answer?

What are questions called where you have to look deeper into the text (where you need to ‘read between the lines’)?

Good luck.  Hope you have fun.