Get those rulers, tape measures etc. out and measure, measure, measure.  Practice makes perfect! as they say.

If you can’t get hold of any of the above, try Rainforest Maths or other maths sites on the internet – there are plenty of interactive games/activities out there.  Just Google – maths games for kids – have fun and learn, learn, learn.


For those out there who are having trouble telling the time on an analogue clock – don’t panic.

What do you have in your plastic pocket??

Yes, it’s a clock – What can you do with it? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Try asking someone the time and, using your clock, ‘make’ the time on your clock and show them to see if it’s correct.  You can also try some web sites like:
Find out what time you wake up – what does it look like on an analogue clock? What time do you have breakfast? What time do you leave for school? What time are your after school activities? Your favourite TV show? What time do you go to bed?  There are a lot of ‘times’ in your life – Make them on your clock and before long you’ll be reading an analogue clock all by yourself. Good luck.